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IBPSA 2007 - Beijing, China

International Building Simulation Conference 2007, Beijing, China. Contains 288 papers.

International Building Simulation Conference 2007, Beijing, China.

Contains 288 papers.

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This paper uses two case studies to illustrate the process of building design with due regard to sustainable construction and how the recent changes in legislations affect the way buildings are des
Zero carbon | Part L compliance | energy benchmark | EPBD | renewable energy
Combined heat, air, moisture and pollutant simulations (CHAMPS) at the building system level are essential for improving energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.
Heat | air | mousture and pollutant transport | modeling | simulations | Coupling
Modelling and simulation of energy consumption in Information Technology (IT) building on the Rockhampton campus of Central Queensland University, Australia is presented.
Building energy | modelling and simulation | Institutional Building | DesignBuilder | EnergyPlus
This paper presents a model-based supervisory control strategy for online control of building central cooling water systems to enhance their energy efficiency.
Simplified model | supervisory control | optimisation method | energy efficiency
The present paper proposes an optimal operational strategy of an actual HVAC system with a seasonal underground thermal storage system using simulation. The simulation is a powerful tool for the sy
commissioning | Underground Thermal Storage | optimization | FEM | HVAC system
A rational method to estimate the energy baseline of a building is indispensable in performing such as retro commissioning, on going commissioning and ESCO (Energy Service Company) projects.
energy use baseline | retro commissioning | ESCO | air-condtioning load simulation