Xiaoliang Zhang, Da Yan, Yi Jiang
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

Residential Building Energy Efficiency (RBEE) becomes more important in recent years in China. From 1986, Chinese government has carried out a series of codes of RBEE, but for kinds of reasons, the effect is not perfect enough. One important reason is In order to promote the development of RBEE, an energy labeling system was presented in this paper. In this labeling system, the real estate company was requested to label the energy consumption data of the houses to be sold on the sales documents, and show this data to the consumers. With propagandistic and economical ways, government needs to guide the consumers to select energy efficient houses. In further, the real estate company will be driven by the market to build more energy efficient houses and apartments, and correlative products and research will be promoted. So, the energy labeling system is a system that accelerates the development of RBEE with the power of market. Some key problems were also discussed in this paper, such as, the scale of the labeling objectives, and the type of label. This paper also point out that the data of label should come from simulation, but not measurement or expert. The operation mechanism was also presented, which include how to do the simulation, how to ensure the accuracy of labeling data, etc.