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What is AIVC?

AIVC (Air infiltration and Ventilation Centre) is the IEA information centre on energy efficient ventilation.

Ventilation and air infiltration into buildings represent a substantial energy demand which can account for between 25% to over 50% of a building's total space heating (or cooling) needs. Unnecessary or excessive air change can therefore have an important impact on global energy use. On the other hand insufficient ventilation may result in poor indoor air quality and consequential health problems.


Designing for optimum ventilation performance is hence a vital part of building design. This task is made especially difficult, however, by the complexities of airflow behavior, climatic influences, occupancy patterns and pollutant emission characteristics.


In recognition of the significant impact of ventilation on energy use, combined with concerns over indoor air quality, the International Energy Agency (IEA) inaugurated the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre in 1979 (To be more precise, the AIVC is one of the annexes running under the Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) Programme ( which is one of the Implementing Agreements of the IEA). The AIVC offers industry and research organisations technical support aimed at optimizing ventilation technology. We offer a range of services and facilities, including comprehensive database on literature standards, and ventilation data.


We also produce a series of guides and technical notes. The Centre holds annual conferences and workshops.

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The operating agent of the AIVC is INIVE eeig (

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