About the AIVC Industry Advisory Committee

In order to further develop the aims of AIVC, the AIVC Board has established an Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). The following observations are in this context important:

  • The fields of ventilation, infiltration, and IAQ  are very complex in that they involve energy, thermal comfort, health, IEQ, and sustainability, sometimes in ways that can conflict.
  • Similarly, differences in opinion and expectations between stakeholders, for example, industry, policymakers, researchers and practitioners, mean that a broad perspective is necessary to achieve the goals of AIVC.

The IAC is a group of voluntary industry professionals dedicated to the goals of the AIVC, who are proposed and retained at the discretion of the board of the AIVC.

IAC mission:

  • Serve as a voice for the industry in AIVC activities, providing feedback on board proposals and decisions.
  • Formulate suggestions for future work and provide advisory feedback on publications and other AIVC products.
  • Help to disseminate AIVC deliverables to industry and practitioners and amplify outreach.


AIVC Industry Advisory Committee Composition

  • Jones Simon, AIVC Industry Advisory Committee Chair
  • Bielza Eduardo, S&P Ventilation Systems 
  • Cachot Lionel, France Air
  • Cho Sungmin, Haatz Inc.
  • Cooper Randall, Association of Home Appliance manufacturers
  • Cremers Bart, Zehnder Group International
  • Due Lars, Isolink
  • Feldman Fernando, Aire Limpio
  • Geysels Danny, Reyaners Aluminium
  • Händel Claus, Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e. V.
  • Hopper Nick, Monodraught
  • Karg Rick, Residential Energy Dynamics
  • Kennedy Darren, Retrotec
  • Liebens Quentin, Aereco
  • Maertens Koen, Duco
  • Mattsson Lars-Åke, Lindab
  • Mez Jörg, Mez Technik
  • Mischler Antoine, Dooapp
  • O' Se Gavin, Green Build
  • Østergaard Lennart, Veltek
  • Pascual Santiago, Siber
  • Pastor Paulino, Ambisalud
  • Plesner Christoffer, VELUX DK
  • Pollet Ivan, Renson
  • Raymer Paul, Heyoka Solutions
  • Rolfsmeier Stefanie, BlowerDoor GmbH
  • Roth Jannick K., WindowMaster
  • Takemasa Yuichi, Kajima Technical Research Institute (KaTRI)
  • Taylor Adam, ARM Environmental
  • Vickers Susan, Cluid Housing