The 40th AIVC Conference "From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate - 40 years of AIVC", was held in Ghent, Belgium, 15-16 October 2019. Contains 128 papers and/or summaries.

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The airtightness of new buildings has significantly improved in the last two decades thanks to building energy performance regulations. However, until now, low knowledge is available about the evolution of buildings’ envelope airtightness.
Andrés Litvak, Fabien Allègre, Bassam Moujalled, Valérie Leprince
Wood is a hygroscopic material, it has the ability to adsorb or desorb water in response to the ambient relative humidity. Thus, the ambient air will affect the moisture content of the wood, and in turn, the dimension of the wood.
Paula Wahlgren, Fredrik Domhagen
The association between indoor air quality (IAQ) and sleep quality was investigated in this study.
Chenxi Liao, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge
More than 20 years of one’s life is spent in the bedroom when sleeping. Sleep quality is essential for our health, well-being and next-day performance.
Pawel Wargocki
The indoor air quality is very important for the well-being of occupants, especially in the case of young babies. This research focuses on the air quality of the surrounding air inside a crib with sleeping infants.
Gert-Jan Braun, Wim Zeiler
The estimation of low-rise, residential building infiltration rates using envelope airtightness values from whole building fan pressurization tests has been the subject of much interest and research for several decades, constituting a major topic
Andrew Persily, Lisa Ng, W. Stuart Dols, Steven Emmerich
The ventilative cooling by natural ventilation is important technology for the buildings in urban area for the sake of energy saving and BCP (Business Continuity Plan).
Toshio Yamanaka, Eunsu Lim, Tomohiro Kobayashi, Toshihiko Sajima, Kanji Fukuyama
Outdoor air change qualifies the air that enters into the buildings. The outdoor air moves freely along the urban mesh favoured by the wind forces and stresses.
Ángel Padilla-Marcos Miguel, Alberto Meiss, Raquel Gil-Valverde, Irene Poza-Casado, Jesús Feijó-Muñoz
The work presented is the continuation of the research on the probabilistic modelling of air infiltration carried out by the author over many years.
Krystyna Pietrzyk
The opening of windows can lead to high energy losses in wintertime, especially in nearly zero-energy buildings. But can reduce overheating significantly in summertime.
Silke Verbruggen, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge, Arnold Janssens
A ventilation performance report is mandatory for every new residential building in Flanders, for building permits issued since January, 1st 2016.
Maarten De Strycker, Liesje Van Gelder, Martyna Andrzejewicz, Valérie Leprince
Studies in the Netherlands show that ventilation systems of dwellings don’t comply with building regulations. The main shortcoming is insufficient ventilation. This applies to both the house as a whole as to individual rooms.
Wouter Borsboom, Wim Kornaat, Pieter van Beek, Niek-Jan Bink, Timothy Lanooy
The measurement of natural airflows is practically challenging. Driving forces that induce natural airflows are characterized by low pressure differences.
Gabriel Remion, Bassam Moujalled, Mohamed El Mankibi
Building airtightness requirements are becoming more and more common in Europe (Leprince, Carrié, & Kapsalaki, 2017). However, airtight buildings require an efficient ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality.
Sylvain Berthault, Valérie Leprince
Within the ventilation principle of buildings, the outdoor air is considered as a source of fresh, "clean" air.
Joris Van Herreweghe, Samuel Caillou, Tom Haerinck, Johan Van Dessel
Air filters installed in ventilation systems face various types of aerosols during their service life, both in residential and in commercial buildings.
Jesús Marval, Luis Medina, Emanuele Norata, Paolo Tronville
Combustion appliances are used in many buildings to provide space heating and domestic hot water.
Xavier Kuborn, Sébastien Pecceu
The last decades big steps have been made on the road to develop and design energy neutral buildings.
Ad van der Aa, Per Heiselberg, Willem de Gids
Many test methods exist for evaluating gaseous-contaminant filtration media, and a few for evaluating functional filters and other devices. These test methods are designed primarily for use in product quality control and to rank products.
Paolo Tronville
Gas-phase air cleaning methodologies have been considered as an attractive and cost-benefit alternative, and supplement to the traditional ventilation systems securing that air quality in buildings is meeting the prescribed standards.
Pawel Wargocki