The 29th AIVC Conference, Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, was held in Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008.

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Building services create customised, user-oriented and controlled conditions for thevarious activities taking place on real estatesand related premises.This paper presents an outlool< of buildingservices trends in Finland.
Paiho, S.; Ahlqvist, T.; Lehtinen, E.
Development of a unique measuring unit for airflow volume within the vertical shaft of naturalventilation system with solar chimney with theresults of laboratory test and on-sitemeasurement is presented.
Shinada, Y.; Kimura, K.I.
A sample of existing double-skin faqade (DSF)buildings distributed across Europe were analysedby means of data clustering.
Matos de, M.; Duarte, R.
International building legislation is setting stronger and stronger requirements for the energy performance of buildings. The most recent example is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in the European Union.
Erhorn, H.; Erhorn-Kluttig, H.; Carrie, R.
A numerical simulation is used to evaluate theefficiency of a multi-layer rack composed ofphase change material (PCM) sheets each. Thebuilding, object of this study, is actually underconstruction in Lyon and will be monitored.
Kuznik, F.; Virgone, J.
Recently, a law securing 0.7ACH ventilationrates was enacted in South Korea. As aconsequence, various ventilators have beeninstalled in apartments.
Heo, J.; Choi, C.; Kim, S.; Lee, Y.
There is an obvious and indisputable need for anincrease in the efficiency of energy utilization inbuildings.
Schmidt, D.; Shukuya, M.
The case study of a nursery school of Bologna isa pilot example of how hybrid ventilationsystems can be embedded in architecturallysignificant buildings.
L. Guardigli, M.T. Cascella
The purpose of this paper is to proposestrategies of reducing energy consumption forcooling in residences under hot and humidclimate such as Indonesia.
Uno, T.; Hokoi, S.; Ekasiwi, S.N.N.
Maintaining a good indoor air quality (forpeople and building conservation) is obviously thefirst aim of any ventilation system; neverthelessthe main side effect - which is also the mostvisible one - is to spend energy, for heating firstand for tr
Jardinier, M.; Savin, J.L.; Berthin, S.
The purpose of this study is to clarify thecharacteristics of airflow around building roofand to provide the guidelines for design ofnatural ventilation by chimney.
Y. Komatsu, K. Sagara, T. Yamanaka, H. Kotani, E. Lim, H. Watanabe, M. Higuchi, M. Nishida
Social, financial, energy and technical data from about 1 1 10 households have been collected during 2004 in the major Athens area. The sample has been divided in seven inconie groups and a detailed analysis has been performed.
M. Santamouris, K. Kapsis, D. Korres, I. Livada, C. Pavlou, M.N. Assimakopoulos
The evaluation of the effectiveness ofcogenerations in energy saving is dependent onthe profile of electricity demand and heatdemand as many experts know.
T. Sawachi, H. Miura, H. Habara, Y. Kuwasawa, M. Mae
The combined solar thermal and electricdesiccant cooling system is designed, fabricated,assembled and installed in the Laboratory ofBuilding Environmental Engineering of TohokuUniversity.
N. Enteria, H. Yoshino, A. Mochida, R. Takaki, A. Satake, R. Yoshie, T. Mitamura, S. Baba
The hygrothermal performance of houses isrecently being required to indicatequantitatively due to the encouragement ofenergy conservation. Several calculationmethods are practically proposed to evaluateenergy saving measures of houses.
Ozaki, A.; Ozasa, H.; Kuma, Y.
Interzonal air movements are important tocharacterize overall ventilation perfosmance ofcomplicated multi-zone indoor spaces.
Han, H.; Cho, S.-H.
Measurements and smoke tests show that thequadrants of a Windcatcher with a positivepressure across them act as supply ducts, whilethose with a negative pressure across them actas exhaust ducts.
B. Jones, R. Kirby, M. Kolokotroni
Building airtightness is an important parameter that canbe measured according to the International Standard IS09972 "Therm~~l performance of buildings -Determination of air permeability of buildings - Fanpressurization method".Since 2006, there is
Delmotte, C.; Caillou, S.; Van den Bossche, P.; Wouters, P.
An integrated building concept is a prerequisiteto come to an energy efficient building with agood and healthy IAQ indoor comfort.
A. Van der Aa, P. Heiselberg
Indoor air concentration is mainly affected bythe emission rate of contaminants frommaterials and the ventilation rate. Therefore, theappropriate selection of materials andventilation rate is an important factor for indoorair quality.
Kim, J.H.; Kang, D.H.; Choi, D.H.; Yeo, M.S.; Kim, K.W.; Kim, S.S.