Kuznik, F.; Virgone, J.
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AIVC 29th Conference: Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, 14-16 October 2008, Kyoto, Japan

A numerical simulation is used to evaluate theefficiency of a multi-layer rack composed ofphase change material (PCM) sheets each. Thebuilding, object of this study, is actually underconstruction in Lyon and will be monitored. 10of these racks are installed in the crawl space ofthe building. A fan is forcing fresh air to passthrough the crawl space and then through themulti-layer racks. Then, this air is used in thebuilding ventilation system, depending on itstemperature. The software TRNSYS is used tosimulate the behaviour of the building equippedwith racks. The numerical results show that theracks system allows enhancing the thermalcomfort of the workers inside the buildingduring the summer.