The 29th AIVC Conference, Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, was held in Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008.

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In order to generate effective grid for CFDanalysis of wind environment around buildings in urban area, we newly develop non-uniformtype adaptive mesh refinement method(NUAMR).
M. Imano, Y. Sakamoto, M. Kamata, N. Onishi
The paper presents a new concept for a lowpressure drop supply system suited for theventilation of office spaces.
L. Baldini, F. Meggers
Domain decomposition technique is a methodfor CFD simulation, which can handle internalairflow of cross-ventilation of dwellingsseparately from extemal domain.
T. Nonaka, T. Kurabuchi, M. Ohba, T. Endo
We are building a particle tracking systemfor the measurement of convective heat transfersand pollutants displacements in full scale rooms.To increase the depth of the zone of interest, thesystem is non stereoscopic and do not use laserlight.
P.H. Biwole, G. Krauss, J.J. Roux, G. Rusaouen, E. Favier
It is often pointed out that when evaluating the energy-saving performance of equipment, it isimportant to take into consideration how theequipment under consideration is actually used.In evaluating heat transfer by contact duringfloor heating, it
Akimoto, T.; Kagiya, S.; Matsumae K.; Kuwasawa Y.