The 29th AIVC Conference, Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues, was held in Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008.

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designed "air-curtain chemical fume hood" arediagnosed by using the tracer gas concentrationdetection method.
R.F. Huang, H.D. Chen
In this paper the energy performance and thepotentials of the energy savings decrease in twooffice buildings in northern Greece areexamined, within the frames of a renovationproject in office buildings of the public sector.Energy audits and simula
Koinakis, C.J.; Sakelaris, J.K.
A double-skin facade is installed in a laboratory full scale test cell. The double-skin fagade has a 20 cm wide air cavity with Venetian sun-shading blinds and is provided with mechanical ventilation.
Gavan, V.; Woloszyn, M.; Roux, J.-J.; Muresan, C.; Jandon, M.
Double-skin facade (DSF) is an architectural/ engineering solution developed from the need to increase comfort in buildings with full glazed facades.
Marques da Silva, F.; Pereira, I.; Pinto, A.; Gloria Gomes, M.; Moret Rodrigues, A.
In hot and humid regions, cooling anddehumidification are important issues of inindoor environment.
N. Areemit, Y. Sakamoto
Numerous studies and everyday experiencesprove the fact that even new buildings do notperform as expected.
Pietilainen, J.; Kauppinen, T.; Nykanen, V.; Peltonen, J.
The objective of this study is to identify theeffects of mirror duct system on energy savingsfor luminaries.
E. Mochizuki, H. Komine, H. Kimura
Today lots of research and application of solarheating are focused on continuously occupiedbuildings, such as residential buildings.
G. Yu, H. Yang
Tn this paper, using thc "SCTENCE vent"method for estimating the energy consumptionfor air conditioning in rcsidcntial buildings, wcevaluated the wind environment and theradiative conditions with respect to the targetbuildings in the case where th
Narumi, D.; Taketa, A.; Shimoda, Y.
Thermal mass activation (TMA) can assure, incertain cases, thermal comfort conditionswithout the need of air conditioning systems.Even if other cooling systems have to be used,night ventilation significantly reduces theduration of the working time
L. Stephan, P. Tittelein, E. Wurtz, B. Souyri
There are many technologies aimed at reducing energy demand of ventilation systems, but thefocus in these designs has remained on the airheating system and exhaust losses.
Meggers, F.; Baldini, L.
Activated carbon filters have been used forpurification of air and water in industrialapplications.
F. Haghighat, C.S. Lee, A. Bastani
Considering density of housing in residentialarea of large cities in Japan, it is very difficultto secure sufficient daylight and lead daylightto whole space in the house. High side lightingis one of solutions for such situation.
Suzuki, H.
In this paper, a multi-zone modeling concept isproposed based on a simplified energy balanceformulation to provide a better prediction of theindoor horizontal temperature variation insidethe livestock building.
Z. Wu, J. Stoustrup, P. Heiselberg
In the recent years in Latvia is rapidlydeveloping construction sector of residentialbuildings. Engineers have to give moreattention to heating and cooling system'stechnology in the buildings to stay competitivein the realty's market.
Skapare, I.; Kreslins, A.
Recently, natural ventilation, which istraditional cooling method in Japan, hasbecome considered as the key method forcooling energy conservation.
Habara, H.; Miura, H.; Sawachi, T.; Nishizawa, S.; Hosoi, A.
The purposes of this research are to contrast theenergy consumption characteristics of oldresidential buildings and new residentialbuildings in Shanghai, China, and to analyzeinfluence factors of residential energyconsumption.
Chen, S.Q.; Yoshino, H.; Li, Z.H.
The results of a recent research and it'sstatistical analysis, show that in some of theIranian cities like YAZD, there are two periods(from end of august to end of September andfrom end of February to end of March) in whichoutdoor pollution is hig
Rezaei, F.
In predicting the cross ventilation rate throughlarge openings, the use of general dischargedcoefficient , values for the conventionalorifice equation is not suitable.
H. Kotani, T. Yamanaka