Weatherisation show and tell.

Describes a travelling display for methods of retrofitting residential buildings.

Performance comes home for Steve Thomas.

Describes the energy efficient retrofit of a residential building following a home performance assessment. Home performance contractors were able to save the owner 40% in annual heating costs with an insulation upgrade, a heating and hot water system replacement and air sealing in the 200 year old house. As part of a promotion exercise for the new Home Performance with Energy Star initiative in New York, the house was the demonstration site for a TV and video production.

Retrofit project trains and learns from occupants to boost energy savings, improve IAQ in neoclassic office building.

Describes how engineers retrofitted a modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, controls and other energy saving modifications into a neoclassic 19th century building. The problems involved preserving the building's appearance, working while the occupants were present and difficulties in modifying occupant behaviour by means of memoranda to instruct them about how to produce maximum energy savings and indoor environmental comfort.

Monitoring the performance of an EIFS retrofit on a 15-storey apartment building.

The research project had the following objectives: document the development of a building envelope retrofit strategy for a high rise apartment building; monitor, assess and document the performance of a high-rise apartment building envelope retrofit withrespect to heat, air and moisture control; assess the degree to which the monitoring protocol can be implemented as part of regular operation and maintenance activities for new and existing building; and assess the potential for the development of a commercially viable, building envelope performance monitoring protocol.

A close up look at three retrofits.

Gives brief details of three ventilation retrofits that showed good results. The case studies are selected from a group of ten carried out by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. In each case temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide were measured to assess levels of ventilation within houses in their preretrofit condition. The measurement were taken over a 2-3 day period with normal occupancy. Short-term monitoring was also used to measure the change inventilation with the house operating in postretrofit condition.

A better way to renovate.

This booklet presents seven outstanding renovation projects that show a different set of renovation challenges and solutions. Together, they demonstrate how a house of any age can be turned into a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Retrofitting ventilation into low-rise housing.


Keeping the heat in.