Keeping the heat in.

DG XII programme: retrofitting of museums for antiquities in the Mediterranean countries.

This project has studied a selection of 16 typical museums for antiquities in five Mediterranean countries and was partly funded by the JOULE III of the European Commission DG XII. Through an elaborate analysis and complete refurbishment of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the programme has provided an example for an innovative museum design based on present-day know-how.

Weatherisation plus: new opportunities.

No more will weatherization crews find their hands tied when they see opportunities for energy savings in every corner-the Weatherization Plus plan will open the door to bring home advanced technologies.

Experimental setup for the study of air leakage patterns.


Energy efficient modernisation of housing: a UK case study.

This paper sets out the results of the York Energy Demonstration Project and discusses its implications for the modernisation of low rise housing in the UK. The project consisted of three schemes, which were carried out in the early to mid 1990s and monitored over a 2-year period. Results indicate that modem1sation schemes have a very important part to play in reducing C02 emissions and that improvements in the region of 50% can be achieved at modest cost using well proven (early 1980s) technology.

The building science soft sell.

Ventilation in 2 or 3 unit multifamily buildings before and after weatherization.

This study investigates the fresh air distribution in 2 or 3-unit multifamily buildings before and after weatherization and evaluates the effectiveness of exhaust-only ventilation in providing the minimum recommended fresh air flows to dwellings in such buildings. Lowrise multifamily buildings often have no mechanical ventilation system and rely on the air leakage through the exterior envelope to provide outdoor air to occupants.

HYBVENT - hybrid ventilation in new and retrofitted office buildings.

Discusses the new concept of hybrid ventilation, and the objectives of IEA ECBCS Annex 35 research in this area. Important areas of research are the development of control strategies, theoretical and experimental studies, the development of a decision tool, the implementation and demonstration of hybrid ventilation, reporting and expected results.