Rebuild America. (Program in brief)


Insulation and retrofit: what is feasible.


Exemplary retrofitting of an old school building in Stuttgart (EROS).

By the EROS Project the potentials of a retrofitting process for a typical school building in West-Germany were to be demonstrated from an energetic point of view. Combining the renewal of the space heating system with the reconstruction of the building envelope yields synergetic effects. The project aims at minimizing the future energy consumption and optimizing the economy of the retrofitting at the same time. Thus, both operating costs and emissions are reduced.

Trends for retrofit of VAC systems in hospitals - Polish case study.

Political and economical changes that have been started in Poland since 1989 strongly influenced the building construction market. New owners or managers of institutional buildings have begun the process of retrofitting, focusing on:

Validation of measurements and energy management programs implemented in 22 public buildings of the district Schwandorf in a retrofit job.

In the district of Schwandorf a Dual Energy Management System together with various energy management adapted to parallel traditional remodelling were to be implemented beforehand in a total of 22 already existing buildings. The efficiency of these strategies with regard to energy consumption and comfort (i.e. thermal comfort of the occupants) was to be measured over a three year period. The subsequent evaluation was to result in recommendations concerning the design and operation of The EMS and the building facilities under the given conditions.