Retrofit of existing housing stock. A feasibility case study.

lsrael not unlike other Mediterranean country , experienced a housing construction boom in the 1950s and 1960s. Many projects from that period are currently undergoing renovation and refurbishment. This study reviewed the thermal characteristics of such projects and evaluated the current refurbishment practices vis-a- vis a combined effort including retrofit. Different solutions for a specific case study were evaluated.

Use of ventilated envelopes in building retrofitting.

The application of a continuous thermal insulation on the external face of building walls ameliorates the thermal performance of external walls and alleviates problems related to thermal bridges. However a further improvement of this insulation system may be achieved by using ventilated walls, which consist of an open ended cavity placed between an insulating board {directly applied on the external side of outer walls) and an external cladding.

Energy retrofit of aircraft hangar facility.


Energy answers.


No regrets remodelling.