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Bibliographic info:
Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 2001, Research Highlights, Technical Series 01-104, 4 pp, (also full research report),

The research project had the following objectives: document the development of a building envelope retrofit strategy for a high rise apartment building; monitor, assess and document the performance of a high-rise apartment building envelope retrofit withrespect to heat, air and moisture control; assess the degree to which the monitoring protocol can be implemented as part of regular operation and maintenance activities for new and existing building; and assess the potential for the development of a commercially viable, building envelope performance monitoring protocol. The monitoring of the heat, air and moisture transport characteristics of the retrofitted wall assembly demonstrated that the wall retrofit strategy met its intended objectives. The retrofitted walls effectively prevented water penetration, reduced air leakage and improved the overall appearance of the building. The monitoring project also served to provide feedback concerning envelope monitoring protocols, equipment and data analysis for the benefit of building envelope researchers and practitioners. Concludes that due to the expertise required and the unique nature of individual buildings, it was concluded that the potential is limited for developing a commercialy viable building envelope monitoring protocol for buildings similar in size and type to the building monitored in this project.