Windows - stop housing's biggest energy drain.

States that windows and doors are the biggest source of energy loss in a house. This happens by air infiltration, conduction and radiation. Covers ways of cutting these energy losses to a minimum, including weatherstripping, installing storm doors and incorporating an air lock into the entrance door design.

House doctors program - retrofits in existing buildings.

The needs, history, procedures, and past case studies for the house doctor approach are outlined. This program of individualized instrumented energy audits and retrofits has reached a stage in development where steadily increasing numbers of house doctors are envisioned for the years immediately ahead.

Improve external doors and wind traps to save energy. Forbattra ytterdorrar och vindfang for att spara pa energin.

Notes that a considerable amount of energy escapes past external doors and the simplest way to avoid this loss is to make sure that doors close properly. Illustrates methods to achieve tight doors and considers inadequacies of certain door closers. Considers potential for development and improvement of heated sluices.