Poreh M, Hassid S.
Bibliographic info:
Wind Tunnel Modeling for Civil Engineering Applications. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Wind Tunnel Modeling Criteria and Techniques in Civil Engineering Applications, Gaithersburg, USA, April 14-16, 1982. Edited by T A Reinhold.

Ventilation and air exchange in buildings and industrial plants can be induced by external winds and by buoyancy forces. The dependence of the air exchange and heat transfer on a large number of factors, including the detailed configuration of the building and surroundingsĀ makes an analytical or numerical analysis of practical design problems impractical, particularly when both the buoyancy and the wind-induced pressures are of the same order of magnitude. It would thus be convenient if the combined effect of the wind motion and buoyancy in a perticular geometry could be simulated in small scale wind tunnel- models.