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EMPA, Bern, 3 April 1984, unpriced. #DATE 03:04:

Presents the abridged text of the 11 papers given at the seminar. The significance of air infiltration, Hartmann P., Air Infiltration Centre, Hartmann P., The IEA project - minimum ventilation rates, Wanner H U., AIC handbook Air Infiltration Control in Housing, Wenger,B., Measurement methods for determining air infiltration and air permeability in dwellings, Muhlebach H., Measurement techniques for air infiltration in air conditioned buildings and large industrial sheds/halls, Zurcher C., Retrofit design aids with respect to air infiltration, Chuard J M., Air change and air leakage as a function of determining parameters, Steinemann U., Design aids in SIA (Swiss Engineers and Architects Association) standards, Schuppisser S., Building regulations, Krebs R., Summary. Our current situation - outlook, Hartmann P., Steinemann U.