Microbiological Quality of Air in a Bread-making Factory

The microbiological quality of air was studied in a bread-making factory (100t/day). It wasnoticed that the microorganism density varies along the fabrication hall, a high number of microorganisms, especially moulds, being registered in the bread cooling area and the storage room. In the bread cooling area predominate Penicilllium expansum spores, this mould being able to develop at low aw values and determining the bread spoilage.

Methodology to improve environment in a fishmeal factory

This paper shows a study of a herring meal factory and the methodology used to improve the indoor and outdoor environment

Local exhaust optimisation and worker exposure.

In the printing office the use of dyes and solvents often results in occupational health problems. Today, target levels for industrial air quality and acceptable worker exposure are much lower than before. This makes heavy demands on the exhaust efficiency of polluting processes as well as it focuses on worker exposure. This paper describes a process of optimisation of exhaust efficiency and of minimisation of worker exposure at a semiautomatic printing machine at a printing office.

Computational fluid dynamics modelling for industrial ventilation applications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFO) modelling techniques have been used extensively and with considerable success for many years in providing environmental and physiological flow conditions in applications as diverse as:

World's largest solar wall at Canadian facility.

Developed by Conserval Engineering of Toronto, Canada, the Solarwall™ is a solar system for heating ventilation air for buildings. The Solarwall looks like conventional metal cladding, but performs like a solar panel.Matrix Energy Inc. of Montreal, in partnership with Conserval, installed the Solarwall system at Bombardier's Canadair facility in Montreal, Quebec. The installation paid for itself in energy savings in just 1.7 years, and allowed the company to stop using fossil fuels, with their associated emissions.

Mathematical model of highly efficient air filtration process for nonwoven fabrics manufactured by paper-making method.

The necessity to provide and maintain high cleanness of air in the rooms of the highestcleanliness classes requires a proper adaptation of selection and designing methods for airfilters. The level of air cleanliness for such rooms is defined numerically by the determinationof the permissible number of dust particles whose diameters are equal or higher than the givenlimit values.

Sulphur dioxide and asthma - a double edged sword?