Krasnec J P., Demaray D E.
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air, vol.4, Chemical Characterization and Personal Exposure, Edited by B.Berglund, T.Lindvall, J.Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1984. 191-196, 1 fig, 2 tabs, 8 refs, #DATE 00:00:1984 in English

A discussion of different approaches to indoor air pollutant monitoring is presented. Indoor sampler design criteria are outlined. Grab samplers, personal samplers, passive and single-use devices, and in-situ measurement instruments are compared to novel, syringe/adsorbent tube samplers. These instruments provide automated, sequential, time-averaged collection of avariety of indoor pollutants, including hydrocarbon/halocarbon organic vapours, CO, CO2, HCOH, tobacco smoke, combustion and odorous mixtures, and particulate matter. In addition, the samplers can be used in infiltration studies. Describes the design and operation of the Demaray Scientific Instrument's automated time averaged syringe adsorbent tube gas sampler indetail. Current and potential applications are also mentioned.