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How do we get healthy buildings.

SCBR, 1988
allergies | indoor air quality | occupant reaction | odour | sick building | pollutant | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Sweden, Swedish Council for Building Research, G18 1988
Languages: English Pages (count): 40

The importance of the climate to general health and wellbeing has long been understood. The ultimate goal for planning, building, renovation and administration of the housing stock is to satisfy people's needs. When this goal is not attained, the results will be human sacrifices, social problems and losses to the national economy. This, of course, also applies to the issues of climate and the environment. Research and development work on these questions is nothing new for the Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR). In recent years, considerable emphasis in the activities of the Council has been placed on health protection in buildings. The commitments within this sector are one part of a concerted R&D commitment to the indoor environment which, in our view, should be a cardinal subject for the R&D community at large in the coming years.

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