Railio J. Saarnio P. Siitonen V.
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Laboratory of heating and Ventilating, Espoo report 52, August 1980 ISBN 951-38-1022-4

Describes the current research programme of the Laboratory concerning air infiltration and ventilation. Gives some technical details. The programme consists of three main projects: 1) The development of mathematical calculation models to predict the interconnections between air tightness, ventilation, air change rates, pressure conditions and energy consumption. This model will be tested in practice. 2) The development of airtight structures and structural joints and sealing methods. Evaluation of theeconomical effects of airtightness is also included in this project. 3) The development of airtightness requirements and measurement methods for airtightness and air change rates.< The aim of the research work is to develop appropriate air tightness requirements for whole buildings, parts of buildings, structures and structural joints.