Radon resistance under pressure.


Roof/wall intersections.


Airtightness and thermal insulation: building design solutions.

Approximately 40% of the energy consumption in Sweden is utilized in the heating of buildings. In order to reduce the amount of energy utilized for heating purposes, more stringent thermal insulation requirements for buildings were introduced.

Weathertightness and water penetration of buildings.

Includes papers on pitched roofs, flat roofs, wall construction, window and door joints, and weathertightness and water penetration of buildings. The focus is mainly on water penetration but air infiltration and ventilation are also discussed.

Air leakage tests on polyethylene membrane installed in a wood frame wall.

This report presents the results of air leakage tests on polyethylene membranes installed in a frame wall. The results would be useful in evaluating the methods commonly used for installing such a component.

Airtightness and wall construction in prefabricated Swedish single family houses, 1984.

This survey describes how external walls and joints are constructed in practice. The paper gives you an opportunity to compare how successful the implementation of airtightness has been in Sweden in comparison with the results presented in the report D2:1983 "Air infiltration control ..." by A Elmroth and P Levin. The survey covers the majority of all Swedish prefabricated single family houses constructed in 1984. All big prefabrication companies are included in the survey.

The air permeabiliity of 21 facades with facade elements during 3 seasons.

Measures air permeability of 21 facades of occupied dwellings. Investigates what proportion of air permeability is due to various gaps (moveable sections) and joints (between fixed sections) in 12 of the facades. Results show that the contribution of joints to air permeability is greater than mentioned in the Dutch Standard NEN 3661. This standard stipulates conditions with regard to the manufacture of facade elements. It is apparent that the gaps of 5 out of the 12 measured facades do not meet the minimum requirements of the standard.

Windows and ventilation. Fenster und luftung.

Contains articles on:

  1. improving window joints,
  2. ventilation heat loss,
  3. sealing materials and
  4. results of sealing window joints.