VAV-duct systems - simulating.

VAV - air conditioning system makes it possible to control indoor conditions even when the heat loads are changing. But this is possible only when each part of the system works as it is intended to work. When the air flow varies in a large range, it can cause situations, where pressure loss of some flow dampers are out of their operating range. This is possible especially whenthe system is large and the velocities are high. This means that the air flow is not correct. Also increasing noise levels may appear.

Multizone flow analysis and zone selection using a new pulsed tracer gas technique.

This paper presents and evaluates a new method, based upon tracer gas techniques, for determining interzonal airflows and effective volumes in a multizone enclosure. Presently used tracer gas techniques have a number of drawbacks including the need for multiple tracers when analyzing a multizone structure. Also, traditional techniques cannot be used to independently determine flows and volumes in the multizone case. The method described in this paper eliminates some of the problems introduced by multiple tracers and allows the independent determination of both flows and volumes.