Building Simulation '91


Modelling of a supply air terminal for room air flow simulation.

The paper discusses methods to set boundary conditions at the air supply opening in predictions of room air flows with computational fluid dynamics. The work is a part of the International Energy Agency project "Air Flow Patterns within Buildings", Annex 20. The air supply terminal in the Annex 20 project is a commercial diffuser which creates a stagnation region and a complicated wall jet below the ceiling. Fairly well predictions in the wall jet region were obtained replacing the diffuser by a simple opening which has the same momentum flow as in the diffuser.

Building design assessment through coupled heat and air flow simulation: two case studies.

This paper is concerned with the application of air flow simulation in design. It describes the real world application - and the results of this with respect to building design improvement - of a building energy modelling system, ESP (RT) , which supports the analysis of coupled heat and fluid flow as encountered in a building andlor plant environment. The use of the system, and the design benefits to accrue, are demonstrated by elaborating two real world case studies.