Ventilation by the windows in classrooms: a case study.

Four classrooms of two secondary schools located around Lyon in France have been monitored. The objectives are to analyse the quality of the indoor air and the thermal comfort and also the behaviour of the occupants towards opening of the windows. This paper briefly describes the context and the nature of the monitoring campaign, and presents the results of the measurements with direct interpretation of the ventilation needs.

Annex 27 - domestic ventilation, occupant habits' influence on ventilation need.

The Annex 27 (A27), Evaluation and Demonstration of Domestic Ventilation Systems, is given a genaral introduction. The habits varys a lot between individuals, the dwellings are of various sizes with various numbers of occupants being at home for longer or shorter times. Those facts needed to be collected in the beginning of the annex. In this paper background data will be given to make it possible to discuss the varied need for outdoor air supply in dwellings. Data for the parameters have been collected from many sources.

Capturing conservation through community energy management

A renewed interest in energy conservation has spaumed a revival of community-based energy management projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Design considerations of the elderly.

Understanding energy use in your office.