Occupant's behavior with respect to window opening: a technical and sociological study.

The occupant's behavior with respect to window opening may greatly affect the ventilation system, the energy consumption orland the indoor air quality. In order to quantify the magnitude of opening times, many surveys have focused on climatic parameters and concluded to the temporal correlation between the timelength of opening and the outside temperature or the solar irradiation. In this paper, we study the influence of sociological and technical parameters on the average time of opening during the winter.

Efficiency measurements of kitchen hoods.

Air extraction in the kitchen is an essential element in all ventilation strategies for dwellings. This can be done by natural ventilation or mechanical extraction. In practice, the use of mechanical kitchen hoods is very common in Belgium. As part of a research carried out for the Belgian IWONL/JRSIA, the laboratory for Hygrothermics and Indoor Climate of BBRI carried out measurements to evaluate the efficiency of kitchen hoods. The test procedure applied at BBRI is a mix-up of two existing standards.

Inhabitants' behaviour with regard to mechanical ventilation in France.

Summary of a study conducted by the CSTB concerning mechanical ventilation in dwellings: Analysis of occupant behaviour.