The influence of different ventilation devices on the occupants behaviour in dwellings.

On basis of several case studies into the ventilation behaviour in dwellings in the Netherlands, it is possible to answer the question whether the type of ventilation device influences the behaviour of the occupants during mild winter periods (5 Deg C).The dwellings are discerned in three types: * those with natural ventilation through passive stacks only; * those with mechanical exhaust ventilation provisions; * those with balanced mechanical ventilation provisions.

Presentation of the final report Annex XIV with special emphasis on the case studies.

The paper summarises the IEA, Executive Committee on Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems, Annex 14 work on Condensation and Energy, a joint research effort of the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium, finished end of march 1990. First the complex relations between mould+ surface condensation, the outside climate, the building fabric, inhabitants behaviour and energy conservation are discussed. Then follows a short overview of the Annex achievements with mayor emphasis on the guidelines and practice results.

Measurement of draughts sensation by a new skin element.