Inspecting ventilation systems.

Energy efficient advanced house with integrated mechanical system.

The Advanced House represents the next generation of energy-efficient housing. The total energy requirements of the house have been reduced to an estimated 31 % of the needs of a conventional home. This has been accomplished by incorporating such features, as a prototype, an Integrated Mechanical System (IMS), high-performance windows, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, high levels of insulation, airtight construction, and an energy-efficient fireplace.

Design methods for ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings.

The development of guidelines for smart innovative mechanical ventilation systems is a task included in an ongoing research project partly supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Joule programme "TIPVENT - Towards Improved Performances of mechanical Ventilation systems". Before starting the actual work with the guidelines a survey was carried out to determine the level of current design methods for ventilation systems in the participating countries (Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland).

Solar air systems. Product catalogue.

Hospital energy performance: new indicators for UK National Health Service estate.

In 1991 the UK Audit Commission produced energy performance indicators for hospitals based on the type of care provided. However, an analysis of over I 00 hospitals throughout 1he United Kingdom has found the type of care provided to have relatively little effect on rhe energy performance of hospital . Although other factors influenced energy use to some degree, the major factor affecting performance was found to be the plan of the hospital, as this influenced the amount of mechanical ventilation required.

Vent-convector - an experimental study.

In mechanical exhaust ventilated buildings in cold climates, the supply air through vents in the perimeter may cause draught and reduce the zone of occupancy. One way to prevent this is to preheat the outdoor air by a vent-convector. An experimental study of the performance of a vent-convector is reported in this paper. Measurements have been conducted in a test room and in a school equipped with vent-convectors. Air flow and pressure drop characteristics were investigated for one type of vent-convector. the temperature variation at a step change of the air flow was also investigated.