Energy savings due to changes in design of ventilation and air flow systems

Claims procedures for design of ventilation and air flow systems are energy wasteful. Cause lies in their methods and technical bases and influence of other factors entering into final systems choice (particularly economics). Discusses outside air requirements. Concludes ventilation rate can be lowered 45% to 50% if higher humidities are used. Proposes new standards based on fact that ventilation rate is independent of air space per person. Analyses air distribution systems and sub-systems in terms of minimum energy requirements.

Economic ventilation of single family houses. Ekonomisk ventilation i smahus.

Outlines necessary ventilation rates for an occupied room. Discusses natural ventilation of a room through openings in the ceiling. Discusses natural draught ventilation for single family houses, combined natural draught and mechanical ventilation, mechanical fresh air ventilation based on a central duct, fortuitous ventilation caused by air infiltration and leakage. Compares natural and mechanical ventilation. Considers supplyair systems for single family houses, warm air heating and possibilities for heat recovery.