Personal exposure to carbon monoxide in underground car parks in Hong Kong.

An extensive survey has been carried out in 52 underground car parks in Hong Kong focusing on carbon monoxide concentrations in the air. So far as short term health effects are concerned this compound is generally regarded as the most important chemical species from car exhausts. Its presence can be used to quantify air pollution, and give an indicator of the air quality in car parks. The sites were sampled during peak hours. This report presents the results and analysis of the carbon monoxide levels measured.

Carbon monoxide problems from new furnaces.

Several case studies from the Iowa State University Extension show that carbon monoxide hazards exist even with new gas appliances. Proper installation and analysis are key to avoiding or solving these problems.

Ventilation and air quality in an office building.

The aim of this study is to assess the performance of the mechanical ventilation system and air quality in an office building. The perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) technique was used to measure air flow in an air handling unit and to estimate flow rates supplied to the office. In order to validate the PFT technique as a viable means of measuring air flow in the mechanical ventilation system, the PFT measurements were compared with measurements made using a pitot-static tube. Air exchange range, ventilation effectiveness and age of air were examined.