Ventilation control and traffic pollution.


Carbon monoxide.


Handbook on air pollution and health.

Experimental studies of the air quality evaluation.

Three buildings are investigated to study the indoor air quality and the impact of the outdoorair pollution. These buildings, a swimming pool, a school and a nursery are located in anurban area. So, during experimental studies, typical outdoor and indoor pollutants such ascarbon monoxyde, nitrogen dioxyde, carbon dioxyde, and total volatile organic compoundsare monitored. Also, the relative humidity and the temperature are carried out. The analysisallows us to reveal several points.

Hazardous heating and ventilating conditions in housing.


Energy use for ventilation systems in underground car parks.

The use of energy for operating ventilation systems in underground car parks in Hong Kong is considered. A site survey has been carried out in 22 underground car parks. The physical size, configurations, and electrical rating of ventilation fans were the main mailers of interest. The indoor thermal environments, carbon monoxide concentrations, and operation of ventilation systems were examined. Mathematica/ expressions are developed and the predicted results examined for another 54 underground car parks.