Indoor air quality.


Carbon dioxide based ventilation control system demonstration.

Commercial buildings require mechanical ventilating systems, the specifications for which are included in the building codes. These codes specify the amount of outdoor air to be supplied per person for designed occupancy conditions. Many buildings such as retail establishments operate much of the time at occupancy loads well below the design. Thus, they are generally over ventilated and waste energy when operated according to the codes. A control system based on measurement of the carbon dioxide generated by the occupants was tested in a small bank in Pasco, Washington.

The impact of building ventilation on indoor gaseous and particulate pollution in office and institutional buildings.

Effectiveness of ventilation as a major means of controlling indoor air quality was evaluated by correlating concentrations of gaseous (CO and CO2) and particulate (total) pollutants with two ventilation parameters. Pollutants are differently af

The importance of indoor air pollution to personal exposures in developing countries.

Air pollution is not just a phenomenon associated with urbanization and industrialization. It is possible that the principal exposures to several important pollutants occur in rural areas of developing countries where the population relies on biomass fuels for their energy needs. These fuels have large emission factors for particulates, CO and a range of hydrocarbons. Rural studies have found very high BaP concentrations. Effects on health have not been researched, but can be assumed to be similar to urban occupational air pollution effects.

Environment and Power: Home weatherization and indoor air pollutants.

A booklet for consumers explaining the effects of house-tightening measures on pollutant levels. It also provides a guide to detecting and controlling pollutants commonly found in homes.

Environment and Power: Energy efficient new homes and indoor air pollutants.

This booklet for consumers discusses what indoor air pollution is and how it can affect health. Ways of reducing pollutant levels are summarised