Building sustainability - a stakeholder approach to building design.

This paper summarises the planned redevelopment of Webber's Yard industrial estate on Dartington Estate in Devon. It discusses the needs of different stakeholders involved in the project and outlines how the design team responded. It argues that this approach to building design and development is particularly sustainable and could be used as a model for the development of other light industrial estates.

Energy analysis of commercial buildings in subtropical climates.

The overall thermal transfer value ( OTTV) concept has been extended to correlate the OTTV of building envelope designs with other key building design parameters through DOE-2 computer simulations. A survey of 146 commercial buildings completed between 1975 and 1995 provides the information on the prevailing architectural designs and construction practices in Hong Kong. This information forms a basis for the development of a generic office building used in the computer analysis.

Energiezuinig ontwerp ziekenhuis.


The influence of an architectural design alternative (transoms) on indoor air environment in conventional kitchens in Taiwan.

This study investigates indoor air environment via the flow fields, temperature fields and air contaminants (carbon monoxide) distributions in conventional residential kitchens, and looks for effective methods to solve those problems through natural ventilation techniques. Numerical simulations of the physical problem under consideration have been performed via a finite volume method for solving the governing equations and boundary conditions.