The little house that could.


Control of night cooling with natural ventilation. (Sensitivity analysis of control strategies and vent openings).

A dynamic simulation of the ventilation processes and the thermal behaviour of an office building is developed. This is used to investigate two aspects of night cooling with natural ventilation: the control strategies and the required ventilation open

Perceived barriers to natural ventilation in offices.

The paper describes the results of a Pan-European survey carried out on identifying thebarriers that restrict the implementation of natural or simple fan-assisted ventilation systems inthe design of new office-type buildings and in the refurbishment of existing such buildings.

Airtightness performances in new Belgian dwellings.

A systematic analysis of recently constructed dwellings in the Flemish Region has been undertaken within the SENVVIV-project (1995-1998). In total 200 dwellings have been examined in detail. The study involved various aspects: energy related building

Introduction to the design of natural ventilation systems using loop equations.

The design of natural, including passive, ventilation systems assumes one of two genericforms: the nasty design problem where the designer seeks to size ventilation openings givenclimatic conditions and thermal comfort criteria or the nice design problem where the designerseeks to size ventilation openings given climatic conditions, indoor temperature distributions,and specified airflow rates - presumably determined from separate thermal or air qualityconsiderations.

Indoor air quality and the workplace.

Controlled air flow inlets.

An overview of the availability, performance and application of inlets for natural supply of ventilation air and the consequences on indoor air quality and comfort

Barriers to natural ventilation design of office buildings. National report: Norway.

The objective of the study described in this report is to identify barriers restricting the implementation of natural or simple fan assisted ventilation systems in the design of new office type buildings and in the refurbishment of existing such buildings. The perceived barriers are identified in an in-depth study with structured interviews based on questionnaires among leading designers and decision makers.