Indoor air quality.

Building science for a cold climate.

Photovoltaics in buildings: a survey of design tools.


Natural ventilation: good practice in the UK - a pre-design check list to minimise summertime overheating risk.

In the UK's temperate maritime climate, the need to air-condition a non-domestic building outside city centres should be the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, the potential clients for new or refurbished buildings, whether tenants or owner occupiers, are concerned about whether a non-air-conditioned building can deliver comfortable and productive working conditions, particularly in summertime.

Energy efficiency building - what is integrated design?

This paper proposes a definition of integrated design in order to improve use and understanding of the term and the concept throughout the construction industry. In particular, the paper considers the topic from an energy efficiency perspective as this plays a central role in design. The definition is supported by a discussion on the design process, and developing a design strategy. This is based on work carried out in editing the CIBSE Guide: Energy efficiency in buildings that will be published in the future.