Barriers to natural ventilation design of office buildings. National report: Switzerland.

The objective of the study described in this report is to identify barriers restricting the implementation of natural or simple fan assisted ventilation systems in the design of new office type buildings and in the refurbishment of existing such buildings. The perceived barriers are identified in an in-depth study with structured interviews based on questionnaires among leading designers and decision makers.

Architectural planning and design saves energy in research facility.

When the Home Laboratory of the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) was constructed, the aim was to harmonise the building with its environment, while simultaneously integrating energy-saving measures. Moreover as this is an advanced technology research laboratory, it is very important to combine energy-saving measures, working environment and research functions through careful planning and design. These measures resulted in a 29% reduction in primary energy consumption and a 26.5% reduction in airconditioning load.