The conference "IAQ 2020: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches Transitioning from IAQ to IEQ”, organized by ASHRAE and AIVC, was held in Athens, Greece on 4-6 May 2022. The conference was also the 41st AIVC - 9th TightVent & 7th venticool conference. This collection contains 110 conference papers and 16 extended abstracts.

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On average, a higher educational student spends 3-8 years inside an institutional building during their studies, where they tend to stay with large groups of students in confined environments for longer durations.
V. M. Jayasooriya , R. M. D. H Rajapaksha, A. W. M Ng, S. Muthukumaran
In recent years, emphasis has been placed on improving workplace productivity. Workplace productivity is defined as “results of workplace activities for investment”.
Kohei Onishi, Ryoichi Kuwahara
When an infant is born, he or she begins independently breathing for the first time, meaning that immediately his or her lungs start becoming a principal interface between the outside air and the organism being considerably and
Hailin Zheng, Shalika Walker, Wim Zeiler
Clean air heat pump (CAHP) is a new technology that combines air cleaning with hygro-thermal control of ventilation air. In CAHP, a regenerative desiccant wheel is used for moisture control and air cleaning.
Ying Sheng, Lei Fang
As more buildings are connected to cloud-based large data systems, there is an opportunity to learn from the data.
Stet Sanborn, Peter McNally Victor Braciszewski, Eli Cowart, Armen Topakian, Ben Apolinario, Maya Salabasheva, Jun Timbang, Herb Moussa, Travis English
Health Canada, a science-based organization, is the Government of Canada’s federal department responsible for maintaining and improving the health of Canadians.
Jocelyn Moore, Francis Lavoie, Katherine Guindon-Kezis
Ventilation systems are designed based on the air flow volume required to ventilate the room, the same applies to façade-integrated ventilation devices operating in alternating mode, also referred to as push-pull devices.
S.Auerswald, R.Devineni, T.Pflug, C.Bongs
In school and office buildings, the ventilation system has a large contribution to the total energy use.
Bart Merema, Dirk Saelens, Hilde Breesch
The relation between the concentration and particle size of the human breathing and the way in which these particles are dispersed in hospital indoor environments are studied in this research.
Inés Olmedo, Fernando Peci, José Luis Sanchez-Jimenez, Manuel Ruiz de Adana
Particulate matter (PM) is one of the most critical pollutants affecting indoor air quality (IAQ). Hence, reducing the exposure of occupants to indoor PM pollution is critical.
Jesús Marval, Luis Medina, Juan Vallejo, Paolo Tronville
The importance of moisture control in indoor environments is increasingly recognized Air humidity affects buman bealth and comfort, and it is also connected to the durability of several building components and to energy efficien
Stefano Zanon, Rossano Albatici
This paper focuses on a thermal simulation model of office rooms and experiments necessary to adequately estimate the required model parameters. For this, we investigated step responses for different parameters, e.g.
Felix Nienaber, Alexander Kümpel, Kai Rewitz, Dirk Müller
Data from mechanical extract ventilation units of Renson Ventilation nv installed in Belgium is utilized to detect space occupancy through machine learning.
Sundaravelpandian Singaravel, Steven Delrue, Ivan Pollet, Steven Vandekerckhove
In this paper, a new mathematical model was developed experimentally to quantify the air volume flow by natural ventilation through window tilt opening.
Jun Jiang, Jingxin Yang, Kai Rewitz, Dirk Müller
The balcony is defined as an in-between architectural element that has the ability to intermediate the indoor and the outdoor environmental conditions. Through history, distinct balcony solutions have been used to improve the in
Catarina Ribeiro, Pedro F. Pereira, Nuno M. M. Ramos, Inês Flores-Colen, Nuno Valentim
As the industry shifts focus from indoor air quality (IAQ) to indoor environmental quality (IEQ), the need arises for its field consultants and inspectors to meet the demands of assessment, evaluation and control, particularly in established build
Alex Reese Mavrelis, John Earman
Envelope air leakage testing of new residential buildings is becoming more common in the United States as state energy codes and energy efficiency programs add testing requirements.
David Bohac, Russ Landry, Lauren Sweeney, Bob Davis, Scott Pigg, Collin Olson, Gary Nelson
The purpose of this study is to suggest a heat pump-driven liquid desiccant (HPLD) air conditioning system for a residential building and preliminarily evaluate the cooling performance of the suggested system.
Jae-Weon Jeong, Jae-Hee Lee, Jin-Young Ko
Sensor errors have an important impact on the operation, control, and detection of building energy systems. Correct and reliable sensors can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building energy systems.
Peng Wang, Jiteng Li, Sungmin Yoon, Tianyi Zhao, Yuebin Yu
By using natural driving forces, hybrid ventilation systems reduce fan energy consumption in buildings.
Bassam Moujalled, Gabriel Remion, Romulad Jobert, Anissia Benzekhroufa, Claire-Sophie Coeudevez, Marc Dufresne, François Demouge, Corinne Mandin