M. Imano, Y. Sakamoto, M. Kamata, N. Onishi
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29th AIVC Conference " Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues", Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008

In order to generate effective grid for CFDanalysis of wind environment around buildings in urban area, we newly develop non-uniformtype adaptive mesh refinement method(NUAMR). Different from the conventionaluniform type AMR (UAMR), NUAMR won'tsmooth mesh outside a windward stream tube ofa target region. By comparing overallperformance between UAMR and NUAMR, wereveal NUAMR method's advantage as listedbelow: 1) NUAMR method and UAMR methodhave almost same accuracy in wind velocityratio around a high-rise building. 2) NUAMR method can automatically generatecomputational cost-effective mesh that has much smaller number of cells than UAMR method creates.