Greenway M.E. Wood C.J.
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University of Oxford, Dept. of Engineering Science, report no.1272/78 15p 7 refs. 11 figs. 8 tabs. #DATE 01:01:1978 in English #AICR UK5

Describes further experiments from the wind tunnel simulation of wind pressures on the Aylesbury housing estate. These experiments are not concerned with the acquisition of further data, but are designed to examine the validity of measurements.< Discusses the effect of varying observation and averaging times. Reports results of experiments, varying these times, but finds no observable trends in the dispersion results. Also describes an experiment which attempts to assessthe importance of the accurate simulation of wind structure by a systematic variation of the statistical parameters, one at a time. Finds that distortion of the turbulence intensity had no significant effect on mean pressures but affected RMS and extreme pressure coefficients.