Multi-Storey Double-Skin Façades Influence on Surface Pressure Distribution

Double-skin façades (DSF) are widely used as an architectural solution to both control the thermal behaviour and allow for the possibility of using natural ventilation techniques on buildings. DSF are characterized by having at least two membranes between

Proximity effects: air infiltration and ventilation heat loss of a low-rise office block near a tall slab building.

In the mid-1980s, two London architects postulated that deflection of higher speed air from tall slab buildings could increase air infiltration from a neighbouring low-rise block, increasing its associated ventilation heat loss. These issues have been of much concern during the past two decades among designers, developers and local authorities; especially those considering in-fill near tall buildings. This preliminary study looks at the ventilation and space-heating loss of a three-storey low-rise office block located near a taller nine-storey slab building.