Emblem E., Hamilton J.
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27th AIVC and 4th Epic Conference "Technologies & sustainable policies for a radical decrease of the energy consumption in buildings", Lyon, France, 20-22 November 2006

This presentation will make the audience aware of the importance of ISO-recognized certificationprograms in the testing adjusting and balancing and commissioning of HVAC systems. ImportantISO 17024 standards will be covered as well as their importance. Many faults have been found inexisting testing adjusting and balancing and commissioning certification programs ranging fromconflicting issues within the organization and their testing procedures; political control over theprocess; inconstant certification methods; geographical differences. These and other topics willbe covered relating to certification process. The defining lack of variance in following an ISOstandard and inventing one's own industry rules or and arbitrarily determining one's own industryrules will be covered. Existing legislation in the United States requiring certification on HVACtesting adjusting and balancing will be covered. The identification of problems on balancingreports such as erroneous numerical values, impossible readings and recordings of values will becovered with emphasis on how to identify these problems at a glance. The attendees will examineand review actual balancing reports to see these differences for themselves in order to be able torecognize these issues/problems in future reviews of HVAC balancing reports. The fast pace ofGreen Buildings LEEDS, and Green Globe have left many growing pains in the buildings beingbuilt without tuning the HVAC system to peak efficiency. Attendees make a green building greenand that a LEEDS building is delivering the proper ventilation rates as opposed to buildings thatdo not have proper ventilation rates, thus leading to IAQ problems for owner and occupants ofthose buildings. The difference between a building which has had its HVAC properly tested,adjusted and balanced and those without proper analysis/treatment will be covered in detail.Attendees will be shown how radically different the energy costs can be between the two types ofbuildings. Difference between a building which has had it HVAC properly tested adjusted andbalanced and ones who's has not been properly tested adjusted and balanced will be coveredand shown how radically different energy cost can be between the 2 buildings.