Baker N V, (for D Bartholemew)
Bibliographic info:
Report prepared for Dr D Bartholemew, Energy Technology Support Unit, AERE, Didcot, Oxon, by N V Baker, ECD Partnership, 11-15 Emerald St, London WC1. Report No ETSU-S-1142. 1985.

The introduction describes the principle of SVP (Solar Ventilation Pre-heating) and then reviews a number of current related topics. Heat recovery is considered. Work on other devices which produce solar heated air is reviewed. The main driving forces of natural ventilation are wind pressure and thermal buoyancy. One of the problems is that the magnitude of these forces is very variable. The basis of SVP demands a thorough knowledge of airflow through buildings. Several key areas are identified: external pressure distribution and influence of building shape and adjacent buildings; internal pressure and the distribution of air leakage over the envelope; the interaction between thermal, and wind pressure induced airflow. Certain factors can be manipulated to optimise SVP performance. Further sections cover implications for design and design studies.