Van Dongen J E F.
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air. Vol 5. Buildings, Ventilation and Thermal Climate. Edited by B Berglund, T Lindvall, J Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, 1984. 421-427, 1 fig, 1 tab, 5 refs. and TNO Research Institute for Environmental Hygiene, Delft, the Nether

This paper reports a case study dealing with the relation between ventilating and airing behaviour and the outside climate. Also the significance of other variables such as preferences with respect to the indoor climate are considered. An indication is found that wind speed correlates, but outside temperature (varying from -3 to +9 degrees C) does not correlate with the length of time the windows in the bedrooms and bathrooms are opened. Rainfall and sunshine also seem to have some influence. The main reason for airing is the opinion that the bedrooms are too warm and not fresh. On an average the windows of the bedrooms, if used for sleeping, were opened 6 hours a day. 70%of the respondents opened these windows more than 2 hours a day. More field studies into condensation and moisture problems are recommended.