Hollowell C.D. et. al.
Bibliographic info:
In "Building Energy Management" E.de.O.Fernandes, J.E.Woods, A.P.Faist (eds) Proceedings International Congress 12-16 May 1980 Povoa de Varzim Pergamon 1981 p.727-736.

Discusses indoor air quality in residences with low ventilation rates. Reports investigation of indoor air pollutant levels in a test kitchen with a gas stove under various air change rates. Results indicate that gas stoves generate high emissions of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and respirable aerosols. Recommends a kitchen ventilation rate of at least 170 cu.m.&h.< Also reports study of CO and NO2 emissions from gas appliances in an energy- efficient research house. Finds NO2 levels in kitchen and living room exceed EPA standard.< Discusses problems of formaldehyde and radon. Gives results of measurements of formaldehyde in energy-efficient houses.