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Indoor air pollution and housing technology.

Small B M, 1983
air quality | carbon dioxide | carbon monoxide | tobacco smoke | formaldehyde | gas stove | nitrogen oxides | radon | pollutant | pollution | sulphur dioxide | organic compound | ozone | particulate
Bibliographic info: Goodwood, Ontario, Canada: Bruce M Small & Associates for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, published by Foundation for Independent Research on Technology and Health
Languages: English

Reviews the scientific literature on indoor air pollution. Low-pollution design and construction techniques employed in the Sunnyhill Low-Pollution Research Centre are outlined in detail and suggestions are made on their applicability to new and existing housing in Canada. The study recommends a four-fold approach to the indoor air pollution problem by government and the building industry: A) short-circuit major potential hazards, B) deal with low-pollution housing needs, C) spread and apply present knowledge, and D)foster more research and discussions on regulation.

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