Fischer M.
Bibliographic info:
Indoor Air. Vol.1 Recent Advances in the Health Sciences and Technology edited by B. Berglund, T. Lindvall and J. Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm. 20-24 August 1984, 181-186, 1 tab, 13 refs. in English #DATE 20:08:1984 AIC bk,

The problem of indoor air pollution has many facets, ranging from excess humidity, mould and insects over emissions from gas boilers to high levels of various chemicals in tight buildings. The common denominator of all these problems is the existence of several sources of pollution inside a volume of relatively low dissipative capacity. Where the resulting concentration from a single substance exceeds an already established hygienic standard regulatory measures are straightforward. Assessing the risk of several substances being present at the same time is still difficult. To cope with new chemical products intended for indoor use while at the same time lowering the ventilation rate poses a challenge to both technology and administration.