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Indoor air and human health

Gammage R B, Kaye S V., 1986
air quality | carbon monoxide | tobacco smoke | nitrogen oxides | radon | pollutant | smoke | organic compound
Bibliographic info: Proceedings of the Seventh Life Sciences Symposium, held in Knoxville, Tennessee., October 29-31, 1984, sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and others. Chelsea, Michigan, USA: Lewis, 1985 430p. figs, tabs, refs. #DATE 00:00:1985 in English
Languages: English

Covers indoor pollutant levels and their health effects in humans and animals for five principal classes of pollutant: radon, microorganisms, passive cigarette smoke, combustion products, and organic compounds. They are examined from viewpoints such as measurement and source characterisation habitat studies, health effects, risk analysis, and future needs.

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