Kubota H, Matuo T, Horii T, Kamata N
Bibliographic info:
Japan, PLEA 1997 Kushiro Secretariat, proceedings of a conference held 8-10 January 1997, Kushiro, Japan, Volume 3, pp 3-8

In order to design an environment-conscious house, it is desirable for summer indoor environment, to re-examine thermal conditions warmer than thermal comfort. The role of air movement is important, as it reduces the magnitude of discomfort. This paper discusses the comfort produced by air movement considering two main sensations; coolness and strength of movement, based on results obtained by a series of experiments carried out with five male and five female subjects. The secondary point to be discussed is the evaluation of humid hot environment considering the effects of air movement, where cooling power is positive and that of excessive strength is negative. The contributions of the sensations of warmth of the whole body and air movement to discomfort are tested based on results obtained by experiments conducted with six male and six female subjects.