Giesbrecht P, Proskiw G
Bibliographic info:
Measured air leakage of buildings. A symposium on performance of building constructions, Philadelphia 2-3 April 1984. ASTM Special Technical Publication 904. Edited by H R Trechsel and P L Lagus. ASTM 1986. p312-322. 1 fig, 3 tabs, 11 refs.

A field study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of air leakage sealing techniques for reducing air infiltration in houses. Presealing and postsealing air leakage tests were performed upon 82 single detached houses inWinnipeg or southern Manitoba. All houses were placed under a negative pressure, and leakage sites were identified using smoke pencils. Windows and doors were weather-stripped and other unintentional openings caulked and sealed using specified materials and techniques. Using the air leakage test data and a recently developed correlation model, an estimate was made of the naturally occuring air infiltration rates for all the test houses.