Air-leakage control manual.


Airtightness the simple (CS) way.

State of the art low energy housing.

An evaluation of the effectiveness of air leakage sealing.

A field study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of air leakage sealing techniques for reducing air infiltration in houses. Presealing and postsealing air leakage tests were performed upon 82 single detached houses inWinnipeg or southern Manitoba. All houses were placed under a negative pressure, and leakage sites were identified using smoke pencils. Windows and doors were weather-stripped and other unintentional openings caulked and sealed using specified materials and techniques.

Caulking and weatherstripping.

Factsheet focuses on some of the simplest and lowest cost measures available to both homeowners and renters for reducing heat loss. Gives basic information on methods and types of caulking and weatherstripping, including installation.

Monitoring the effects of draught elimination.

Describes a retrofit carried out on a building of 36000 m3 volume in Northern Italy which eliminated air infiltration around windows using silicone caulking. The energy balance of the building was evaluated experimentally before and after the retrofit. Verifies the impact of unwanted air infiltration on a building's energy use. States that the analysis of the experimental data made it possible to extend the results obtained from town houses by other authors to apartment buildings.